Movie 1: Interactions between two grafted nanoparticles being brought into close proximity


Movie 2: Dynamics of a DNA-origami hinge


Movie 3: Dynamics of the T4 bacteriophage DNA-packaging motor


Movie 4: Dynamics of polymer-grafted nanoparticles within a polymer nanocomposite


Movie 5: Stretching of a Palladium-graphene strain sensor


Movie 6: Lattice simulation of nanoparticle assembly in a polymer thin film


Movie 7: Demonstration of dynamic single-molecule force spectroscopy


Movie 8: Propagation of DNA twist in chromatin


Movie 9: Free energy landscape of two polymer-grafted nanocubes locking into a favorable face-to-face configuration


Movie 10: Langevin dynamics simulations of nanocubes assembling into string-like structures