Recent News

Marcello's new study in Nanoscale

May 2, 2023

Marcello's paper on Ising-like rotor lattices and how they can be realized using DNA nanotechnology just appeared online as an Invited Article in Nanoscale. Congrats,  Marcello!

Sebastian's collaborative work in ACS Nano

February 24, 2023

Sebastian's latest collaborative work on modeling steric communication between fluctuating components on DNA nanodevices has just been accepted for publication in ACS Nano. Congrats, Sebastian!

New Review Article in ACS Applied Bio Materials

February 14, 2023

Marcello, Sebastian, and Po-An's comprehensive review article on prediction and control in DNA nanotechnology just got accepted for publication in ACS Applied Bio Materials. Congrats to everyone!

Yilong's superlattice work in Nature Communications

December 15, 2022

Yilong's latest work on the development of a global optimization method for discovering novel 2D binary nanoparticle superlattices assembled at fluid-fluid interfaces just got accepted for publication in Nature Communications.

Collaborative work in Science Advances

October 20, 2022

Pranav and Sebastian's collaborative work with the Wang and Ke groups just got accepted for publication in Science Advances. In this work, they carried out coarse-grained MD simulations to predict the conformational behavior of a bistable dynamic device with encodable bonds.

Po-An's collaborative paper in ACS Nano

October 8, 2022

Po-An's collaborative paper with the Cohen group just got accepted for publication in ACS Nano. In this work, Po-An used MD simulations to predict the assembly behavior of octahedral, polymer-grafted MOF particles trapped at an air-water interface. Congrats, Po-An!

Joshua's FtsK work published in NAR

July 20, 2022

Joshua's latest work that uncovers the mechanism of DNA translocation by the bacterial motor FtsK using a combination of long timescale molecular dynamics simulations, free energy calculations, and mutual information analyses just got accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Journal. [...]

Sebastian Sensale secures faculty position

July 1, 2022

Dr. Sebastian Sensale accepts offer to join Cleveland State University as tenure-track Assistant Professor in their Department of Physics. Fantastic news and congratulations on this new exciting position, Sebastian!

Josh's collaborative paper out in Cell Reports

May 24, 2022

Josh's collaborative paper with the Silva group at Duke just appeared in Cell Reports. In this work, Josh used docking calculations to predict for the first time two possible binding poses of the enzyme Rad6 responsible for K63-ubiquitination of ribosome, a key player in the oxidative [...]

Yilong's new paper in ACS Nano

April 19, 2022

Yilong's manuscript showing how trapping surface-functionalized faceted nanoparticles at fluid-fluid interfaces could be a viable strategy for assembling low-dimensional superstructures with controllable particle orientation got accepted for publication in ACS Nano.

Sebastian's latest paper in Physical Review E

April 6, 2022

Sebastian's and Pranav's manuscript on derivation of a new analytical theory for predicting the binding kinetics of harmonically confined random walkers, and application of the theory to maximize the communication speed of DNA walkers, just got accepted for publication in Physical Review E.

Marcello's poster wins award at APS meeting

March 21, 2022

Marcello's poster titled "Modelling the Dynamic Self Assembly of DNA Nanostructures Using a Switchable Forcefield Coarse Grained Model" won the 2nd Best Poster Award at the APS DSOFT poster session. Congratulations, Marcello!!

Brian's new paper in Nanoscale

February 19, 2022

Brian's latest work on uncovering the assembly pathway of ligand-grafted nanocubes just got accepted for publication in Nanoscale. Many congratulations, Brian!

Jiuling Wang secures faculty position

December 6, 2021

Dr. Jiuling Wang, a former postdoc in the group, just joined the School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology as a tenure-track faculty. Wonderful news and congratulations on this new exciting position, Jiuling!

Chao-min's paper in Angewandte Chemie

July 22, 2021

Chao-Min's collaborative work with the Zauscher and Ke labs on developing polymer brush-functionalized DNA origami structures just got accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. Many congratulations, Chao-Min!

Brian's paper accepted in ACS Nano

July 14, 2021

Brian's theoretical model elucidating how the twist-stretch coupling of double-stranded DNA can be exploited to create reconfigurable chiral assemblies of nanorods just got accepted for publication in ACS Nano. Wonderful news and many congratulations, Brian!

Marcello's review article wins award

July 12, 2021

Marcello's review article entitled "Dynamic DNA nanotechnology: toward functional nanoscale devices" published in Nanoscale Horizons last year has won the "Nanoscale Horizons Outstanding Review 2020 [...]

Joshua's work get's highlighted

June 18, 2021

Joshua's trilogy of papers elucidating the inner workings of a viral DNA packaging motor get highlighted by Duke's Pratt School of Engineering as well as various media outlets, including [...]

Joshua defends his PhD thesis

June 10, 2021

Joshua Pajak from Arya lab successfully defended his PhD thesis today. Many congratualations, Dr. Pajak!!

Jiuling's new paper in ACS Applied Energy Materials

June 9, 2021

Jiuling's work on elucidating the atomistic mechanism underlying non-Arrhenius ion transport in the superionic conductor AgCrSe2 just got accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Many congratulations, Jiuling!

Joshua's new publication in NAR

April 25, 2021

Joshua's heavy-duty computational work on elucidating the atomistic basis of force generation, DNA translocation, and inter-subunit coordination in the viral genome packaging motor phi28 just got accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research. Many congratulations to Josh!

Brian defends his PhD thesis

March 25, 2021

Brian successfully defended his PhD thesis today. Many congratualations, Brian (or should we say Dr. Lee)!!

Gaurav promoted to Full Professor

March 25, 2021

Gaurav has been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations to him and his team (without whom this would not be possible)!

Joshua's work gets accepted for publication in PNAS

March 19, 2021

Joshua's work on elucidating the molecular mechanism by which viral DNA packaging motors couple ATP binding to DNA gripping, and ATP hydrolysis to DNA release just got accepted for publication in PNAS. Many congratulations, Josh!

Yilong's paper in Advanced Intelligent Systems

March 10, 2021

Yilong's collaborative work with the Varghese lab on designing a soft robot that mimics the dragonfly just got accepted in Advanced Intelligent Systems. Many congratulations Yilong!