A bistable and reconfigurable molecular system with encodable bonds.


Molecular systems with ability to controllably transform between different conformations play pivotal roles in regulating biochemical functions. Here, we report the design of a bistable DNA origami four-way junction (DOJ) molecular system that adopts two distinct stable conformations with controllable reconfigurability by using conformation-controlled base stacking. Exquisite control over DOJ's conformation and transformation is realized by programming the stacking bonds (quasi-blunt-ends) within the junction to induce prescribed coaxial stacking of neighboring junction arms. A specific DOJ conformation may be achieved by encoding the stacking bonds with binary stacking sequences based on thermodynamic calculations. Dynamic transformations of DOJ between various conformations are achieved by using specific environmental and molecular stimulations to reprogram the stacking codes. This work provides a useful platform for constructing self-assembled DNA nanostructures and nanomachines and insights for future design of artificial molecular systems with increasing complexity and reconfigurability.

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A bistable and reconfigurable molecular system with encodable bonds.