Recent News

Brian's new paper in Nanoscale Horizons

October 30, 2020

Brian's manuscript on developing the first-ever analytical model of the van der Waals interaction potential between faceted nanoparticles just got accepted for publication in Nanoscale Horizons. Many congratulations, Brian!

Chao-Min Huang and Sebastian Sensale join our research team

September 15, 2020

Dr. Chao-Min Huang and Dr. Sebastian Sensale join our lab as a Postdoctoral Fellows. Chao-Min obtained his PhD degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State University working with Prof. Carlos Castro and Prof. Haijun Su.

Arya lab part of NSF-MRSEC center

July 20, 2020

Arya lab is now part of the NSF-funded materials research center at UCSD. He and his team will build computational tools for understanding, predicting, and designing nanoscale building blocks that dynamically assemble into complex mesoscale architectures with novel and emergent properties

Arya lab awarded a DOE grant

May 25, 2020

Arya lab along with the Tao and Ye labs at UC Merced and Emory have been awarded a DOE grant to develop new ways to steer the self-assembly pathways of complex hierarchical DNA structures through interfacial interactions.

NSF graduate research fellowship to Marcello

March 31, 2020

Many congratulations to Marcello DeLuca for getting awarded the prestigious NSF graduate research fellowship!

Jiuling's work gets accepted for publication in Nanoscale

February 15, 2020

Jiuling's work on kinetic assembly of binary systems of nanoparticles leading to fractal networks with diverse morphologies just got accepted for publication in Nanoscale. Congrats, Jiuling!

New collaborative paper in PNAS

January 9, 2020

Jiuling's collaborative paper with the Delaire group just got accepted for publication in PNAS! This work demonstrates for the first time that the ultralow thermal conductivity of the superionic conductor AgCrSe2 arises from strong phonon anharmonicity and disorder in the Ag sublattice.

Ze's work just got accepted for publication in NAR

November 19, 2019

Ze's work on elucidating the molecular-thermodynamic basis of salt-actuated reconfigurable DNA nanodevices just got accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research. Congrats, Ze!

Supercomputing award on Anton-2

October 29, 2019

Joshua's project on viral DNA packaging just got awarded 110,000 SUs on Anton-2, the world's fastest supercomputer for performing MD simulations. Congrats, Josh!!!

Marcello's review article gets accepted for publication

October 15, 2019

Marcello's review article mapping out the recent progress and continuing challenges in dynamic DNA nanotechnology just got accepted for publication in Nanoscale Horizons. Congrats, Marcello!

Review article accepted for publication

August 23, 2019

A review article that Gaurav co-wrote with Dario Meluzzi on computational approaches for inferring 3D conformations of chromatin from Hi-C data just got accepted for publication in Methods. Congrats!

Joshua's walker-B work just got accepted for publication

August 20, 2019

Joshua's new paper on functional dissection of a viral DNA packaging machine's Walker-B motif (in collaboration with Catalano, Feiss, and Smith labs) just got accepted for publication in JMB. Congrats, Josh!

Brian's new paper on nanoparticle assembly appears online

August 16, 2019

Brian's new paper elucidating the orientational phase behavior of polymer-grafted nanocubes just appeared online in Nanoscale! Congrats, Brian!

Another grant awarded to Arya lab

August 1, 2019

Arya lab is awarded the prestigious NSF DMREF grant to develop robotic nanodevices that can sense their microenvironment and to assemble the devices into larger systems capable of transmitting sensed signals or driving macroscopic collective behaviors.

Arya lab is awarded an EFRI grant

July 15, 2019

Arya lab is awarded a prestigious Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) grant from NSF to develop DNA based nanodevices for chromatin targeting, visualization, and engineering (in collaboration with researchers at Ohio State, U Penn, and U Strasbourg).

Megan Ogle joins our lab

June 1, 2019

Megan Ogle joins our lab as a summer research volunteer through the REU program. She is currently a junior at UNC Charlotte, where she is pursuing a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. She will work with Joshua on the viral DNA packaging project. Welcome to Duke!

Dan and Yilong's work on interfacial assembly of nanoparticles gets accepted for publication in ACS Nano

March 18, 2019

Dan and Yilong's new approach on the interfacial assembly of nanoparticles into tunable anisotropic architectures gets accepted for publication in ACS Nano. Many Congratulations to both of you!

Dan's collaborative paper on nanoparticle diffusion in polymer melts appears online

March 15, 2019

Dan's simulations on anisotropic diffusion of nanoparticles a nonequilibrium polymer melt in collaboration with Dr. Sinha's group just appeared online in PRL! Congratulations, Dan!

Joshua's paper on an Arginine toggle mechanism appears online

December 12, 2018

Joshua's paper reporting discovery of a novel "Arginine toggle" mechanism for regulating ATP hydrolysis in viral DNA packaging motor just appeared online in Nucleic Acids Research! Congratulations, Joshua!

Work on waveguide-based colloidal characterization gets published

September 4, 2018

Our collaborative paper with the Sirbuly lab gets published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. This work explores a new nanofiber microscopy-based approach for characterizing colloidal systems at the microscale. Congratulations to everyone!

Ze publishes her second paper in ACS Nano

September 1, 2018

Ze's paper on modeling the actuation behavior of DNA origami nanostructures gets accepted in ACS Nano. Congratulations, Ze!

Marcello DeLuca joins our research group

August 26, 2018

Marcello joins our lab as a graduate student. He comes from the RPI, where he obtained his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Marcello will work on the DNA nanotechnology project. Welcome to Duke!

New review article on plasmonic nanocomposites!

February 3, 2018

Gaurav's review article in collaboration with Andrea Tao gets accepted for publication in Chemical Reviews. Congratulations to all authors! 

Brian and Joshua win prizes

January 23, 2018

Many Congratulations to Brian Lee and Joshua Pajak who won 3rd place in the poster competition accompanying the 2018 Duke Research Computing Symposium.  

Gaurav's new paper in Nature Communications

December 6, 2017

Gaurav's collaborative paper with Prof. Beat Fierz (EPFL, Switzerland) and Prof. Claus Seidel (U. Dusseldorf, Germany) on high-resolution studies of chromatin dynamics just got accepted for publication in Nature Communications. Congrats to all the authors!